Shanna Ingalsbee: Candidate for Democratic County Central Committee AD 44

I believe women should control their reproductive healthcare choices, I oppose bullying in schools and the halls of Congress, and I believe teachers should be free to teach history as it happened, not filtered by the guilt of others. I believe in transgender rights and publicly funded elections to get dark money out of politics. I’ve been in those smoke-filled rooms and I’m all about opening the windows.

I started as a human rights activist with Amnesty International. After moving to LA, I made the switch to politics when I became a founder of the Netroots Nation Convention. I am the former President of Valley Grassroots for Democracy and the Burbank Democratic Club and I served 2 terms as the Chair of the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, (DPSFV). I am a member of the LA County Central Committee and a delegate to the CA Democratic Party where I serve as the Co-Chair of the Platform Committee. I am currently the Chair of the Landlord Tenant Commission.

Endorsed by (Titles for Identification Purposes Only):
Democratic National Committee Member Carolyn Fowler
Democratic National Committee Member Laurence Zakson
Democratic National Committee Member Garry Shay
CA Democratic Party Vice Chair Betty Yee
Co-Chair CA Democratic Party Resolutions Committee Agi Kessler
Co-Chair CA Democratic Party Resolutions Committee Kenneth Armstrong
Co-Chair CA Democratic Party Platform Committee Michael Soto
Co-Chair CA Democratic Party Organizing Committee Brandon Zavala
Glendale Democratic Club
Burbank Democratic Club
North Valley Democratic Club
State Senator Caroline Menjivar
Burbank Mayor Nick Schultz
Burbank Vice Mayor Nikki Perez
Co-Founder DemocraShe Jessica Stamen
Burbank Progressives Member Aimee Powers


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