Carolyn M. Hoff: Candidate for LA County Central Committee, 44th Assembly District

As a lifelong Democrat who has lived in Assembly District (AD) 44 for 20 years collectively, I am excited to be running for reelection to the Los Angeles Democratic Party (LACDP) Central Committee.  It would be an honor to receive your vote for myself and the entire Experienced Labor Solidarity Slate.

Since 1992, I have volunteered to help Democrats get elected and am strongly committed to the Democratic Party and its values.  I became an elected member of the LACDP Central Committee in 2020 and serve on the California Democratic Party’s State Central Committee.  I am a member of multiple democratic clubs and the Secretary for the Action Democrats of San Fernando Valley.  In 2021, I received their Tom and Marlene Bane Club Participation Award. 

I have always advocated for universal health coverage and am a volunteer board and committee member for a non-profit federally qualified health center that provides medical, mental health, dental and vision care to an estimated 26,000 of our low-income, medically underserved neighbors.  We never turn anyone away for inability to pay.  Healthcare is a human right.  

I am pro-choice and committed to reproductive rights, and serve on the board of the San Fernando Valley chapter of a national grassroots women’s organization dedicated to recruiting, training and supporting pro-choice women candidates for elected and appointed office.  I am also a member of their Los Angeles County Coordinating Committee.  

I am proud to be endorsed by (titles are for identification purposes only; partial list):

In Solidarity, Carolyn Hoff (she/her)

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